Monday, January 23, 2012

Finding our Rythmn

I have been really struggling this month to find a groove.  I've been feeling unfocused, scatterbrained and a bit restless.  The holiday season was so busy and chaotic that the quiet of January has thrown me for a a loop.  I think Z is unaffected by my spaciness but Lil'C is definitely out of sorts.  When I read this article on Allison's blog, I knew it was time to revisit our daily schedule.

During some quiet time I took our schedule that hangs in our kitchen and revamped it. What I love about her Winter Rhythm is that it is seasonal and that everything for the week is in ONE place.  Right now I have my daily kid schedule on the wall, my personal schedule in my family management book, my meal plan on the fridge and I am lucky if I have time to glance at one of these during the day.  I am so excited to now have it all in one place, where I can quickly refer to it until it becomes a part of us. 

Much of our new Daily Rhythm (click here to see my version) is the same as what Z and I had worked on last year when he was home all day.  Since he started school this year, we ended up pulling away from a lot of the things we use to do each day.  I think if we can get back into our flexible routine, then Lil'C might have an easier time on the mornings/afternoons we are not out and about.

I made a new version for Z....he is constantly referring to it
In our new Rhythm, I did put in Allison's suggestion for 20 minutes of House Keeping (love that), Simple Mom's One Bite at A Time morning and evening routines for moms, added a story time to our two snack times and decreased screen time from 90 minutes to 60 minutes (it use to be 30-60 minutes but it crept up during the Holidays).  I was also very mindful about transition times (a very difficult time in this house) and made a chart for Z that hangs in the closet to help with the steps for getting ready for school (this has been soooo helpful).
This article from Allison came at a moment when I really needed it.  Funny how that happens. She suggests that in order to find your own daily rhythm, that you do not focus too long on another persons.  I glanced at hers, took the few things that I liked (especially her format) and made the rest work for our family.   Unfortunately I am too far away to attend any of Allison's workshops for Simplicity Parenting but I do appreciate all of her insight and tips on her blog :)


Allison said...

So happy there were things you could take away from mine-- and I just LOVE what you created for your family! I'm sure the little pictures really help the kids feel like part of the process- so thoughtful.

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