Thursday, January 12, 2012

"I Think It Snowed While We Were Sleeping"

This is what Z says every morning as he runs to the window.  As he looks outside his happy face falls into a frown and he says, "no snow today Mommy".  With no snow in the extended forecast last week, the local meteorologists were actually apologizing.  Today we have a wintry mix that will end in fun for the little guy at all.  It is an interesting turn of events for a state that had snow on both Halloween and Thanksgiving.
So we wait...wait for the white stuff to fall from the sky and stick to the ground.   I can't say I am too bummed out...I mean snow in these parts usually means no power!  However the kids got snowshoes from Santa and when my mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas I said I wanted snowshoes for S so the whole family could go together (I got mine a few Christmas' ago).  So now we are outfitted with snowshoes and new snowball makers and snow brick makers, and snow pants and boots......and there is no snow.
Z is even more impatient because I told him we would wait for a snow day to open up the big 5 foot cardboard rocket ship that Uncle B got them.  He can't wait to open it, turn our playroom into a launch pad and color the entire ship ("Mommy, you will help right?").  So we wait, we wait for snow to come and stay for a bit.


Annie said...

Looks like a huge cardboard rocket. Poor little boy he is anxious.

Mom said...

Well, it the rocket out yet?

Anonymous said...

Hope Z got his snow wish and they had a great day.
Might be time to call in the snow angel.
Love U Guys!

Connie Weiss said...

It snowed here but is freezing cold. We don't have snow pants. :(

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