Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Making Memories...

We had a busy week last week and a lot of fun.  I even got brave and took out the paints.....a first at the easel with Lil' C.  They both loved it so I am going to have do to it more regularly.  We also went to the Children's Museum with my niece and nephew...their first trip with their new membership!

Making snowflakes with Z
baked glazed donuts (or monuts because they look like muffins ;))
Before I "fixed" the sink
Lil C made a snowman...the girl LOVES glue

Painting Time

She LOVED it and made 6 paintings

This is a Star Wars ship
Z's first time at T-ball

He did great and loved it
Children's Museum with G and J

she loved the fake rocks
Sailing a ship

My little scientist

dino dig
checking out the fossils

working in the submarine
captain of the sub
Such a fun day!


Annie said...

You did a lot of fun activities with them.

Is a simple recipe for the donuts?

PS: Yes, I'm on Facebook too. Annie Lebron

Connie said...

That museum looks like fun!

I have a glue obsessed girl here too. I hope she's not eating it...

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