Thursday, March 27, 2008

Barf Bags Make the Perfect Gift

Okay, I know that the title of this entry is a little strange and when I got my first barf bag in the 7th grade...I too thought it was weird. But in reality it is a very thoughtful and sentimental (if not bizarre) gift to give and get.

In 7th grade my friend J went on vacation with her family. She came back clutching this barf bag that was filled to the brim and decorated with lots of pictures that she had drawn. She handed it to me with a huge smile and said, "Here, I brought you back a souvenir!". I remember giving her a look of suspicion as I took the bulging barf bag. To my surprise and delight the bag was filled with treasures that she had collected throughout her vacation (and not what I had thought)!

Now the rules of barf bag giving are simple.....1. You must find an unused barf bag to place your treasures in (make sure that someone did not use it to place their used gum). 2. All objects in the barf bag must be free to you (I know this sounds cheap but it makes the collecting and giving that much more fun). 3. The recipient must be someone you care about and someone with a sense of humor!

I try to bring back a barf bag every time I go on vacation. I collect shampoos, soaps, the chocolates they put on your pillow, jams from breakfast, sugar packets, brochures, things I find, shells, airline snacks....anything that is free to you :) The possibilities are fact in my first barf bag there was a lipstick that J had found behind the dresser in the hotel...yuck! It is so much fun to find the objects and even more fun for the person to see what you brought back :)

So I now challenge all of time you go on vacation, bring back someone you love a barf bag filled with goodies. They will truly appreciate it (or think you are crazy)! But I promise that you will have a lot of fun :)


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