Saturday, March 1, 2008

Formal Wear for Kids

Last May I was searching for a suit for Z to wear to a wedding. They were so expensive and I couldn't justify the price knowing he would only wear it once! I had remembered reading about this website in Parents Magazine called Gaga's. It is a website where you can rent formal wear for children (infants to size 14 kids). I visited the site and fell in love! It is such a great idea and I salute the person who thought of it :)

So here is how it pick out your formal or semi-formal outfit. The outfits are really cute and range in price (most between $17-$20). They have tuxedos, suits, flower girl dresses, party dresses, sweater vest outfits and so much more. They also carry a wide variety of inexpensive rental accessories (ties, shoes, socks, tights, hats, tiaras, handbags) that you can add on to your outfit. So you pick out your outfit and order it about 10 days before your event (this way you are sure to get it on time). You have a total of 3 weeks to have the outfit before you need to return it and your 3 weeks start the day you receive the outfit (6 weeks if you upgrade). It comes nicely wrapped with a lollipop for your little one (or you could always eat it like I did). The child wears it and then you put the dirty outfit in the postage paid envelope and send it back! It's that easy!!!!

We had 2 toddler tuxedos given to us as hand-me downs. I just ordered a white shirt, shoes and a black bow tie from Gagas to complete the ensemble for our vacation. Z is going to look so dapper ;) I can't wait! I ordered them yesterday and they should be here by Tuesday (you can pay extra to have them shipped overnight if you are in a real bind). So for all of you needing formal wear for an upcoming wedding or party......I highly recommend this website. It is easy, inexpensive and they look so darn cute all dressed up :)


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