Monday, March 31, 2008

When Mommy's Sick, what does baby do???

This is such a hard question! I came down with some sort of stomach bug (or really bad food poisoning) yesterday afternoon and I was so lucky it was a Sunday. I could barely move from the cramping and could not do anything with Z. I was so fearful of getting he and S sick and ended up spending much of my waking hours in the bathroom. I was so fortunate that my illness fell on the weekend and that S was here to take care of Z (and me!).

Today I am feeling a little better, not 100%, and here I am alone with Z. S is starting a new job today and I pray that he does not get sick. When he started his last job he got very sick and missed 3 of his first 6 days! I hope that this does not happen again.

It is so hard to take care of someone else when you can barely take care of yourself. I feel like such a horrible mother today. I am constantly washing my hands (and Z's) to try to prevent him from getting this (it won't be fun for either of us if he does). We had a chat earlier about how mommy's tummy hurts and that she will be laying down a lot today and that we won't be able to go to our class or anywhere fun today. He was very quiet throughout the talk and then looked at me and smiled. He started to "talk" for quite awhile (I think it was a story about daddy) and then went off to play.

Thankfully there is a couch in the playroom so I will spend most of my time laying around and "playing" with him. We have lots of puzzles, books and other fun things near the couch to enjoy. I will also set up my exercise step equipment so he can climb later. Bubbles are also something I can do from the couch ;) And my hour limit of TV will not be in play today. Oh well....I don't think a little extra TV one day will kill him. Right???

Well wish us luck! I think I am on the mend and I am stocked up with food that S bought for me. He made me a huge vat of chicken soup yesterday so when I am ready for food again, I should be all set :) I just hope that S and Z stay clear of this! Happy Monday!


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