Friday, March 28, 2008

A Touch of Spring on a Snowy Day

Well I haven't watched the weather this week and was very surprised to see the snow this morning! Yesterday Z and I were playing outside in the 50 degree weather, watching the last of the snow patches melt away. Today I am looking out my window at a winter wonderland.

To brighten our day a bit and really focus on the season that we are in (it is spring? right???) we decided to make a fun craft. A girl from my MOMs club showed us how to make these and they came out cute. We plan to give them to S because it is his last day at his job (he is moving on to bigger and better things). We hope he likes them :)

They are handprint flowers and very easy to do. I traced our hands on colored paper and cut them out. Then I rolled the bottom of each hand and taped it together. Next I bent one end of a pipe cleaner and inserted into our flower. Finally, I took each finger and rolled it over a pen to form the petals. It is very easy but more of a mom craft than a child craft. Z did help to trace his hand and color the hands with pen though before I turned them into flowers :)

Happy Snowy Spring!!!


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