Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter on the Farm

Sorry I have been MIA for a week or so. Between my grandmother being in the hospital (she is okay now), a volunteer project I have been working on for our church, trying to get life back in order after the cruise and all of our other committments...I have been a little frazzled (I still have not picked up our two fish from my friend C who has been so kind to fish sit). I unfortunately had to put bloggging and working out aside (two of my favorite things). But I am back and I hope to share stories about our vacation with you this week. Today I would like to tell you all about our Easter Holiday on the farm.

We went to my in-laws for the weekend to spend Easter. We always spend Easter with them and Thanksgiving with my family (we share Christmas). Z has such a great time whenever we go to my in-laws. He loves being outside on the farm and walking around with his Grandpa J and his Mimi. They have tractors, cats, brand new kittens, a dog and Z's newest find....a pond to throw rocks in!

Z spent most of his weekend standing by the door saying "oussii?" (outside) He loved being out there so much and despite a little chill, would have slept out there if we let him. Throwing stones in the pond was a big thrill for him and he must have thrown a hundred of them over the two days. He also got to help the boys with the spring yard work :) What a treat!

Easter was much more fun with Z this year now that he can walk and "talk" :) He helped to dye eggs, got very excited about his Easter basket (and all the other goodies people got him) and actually hunted about 10 eggs in the outdoor Easter egg hunt. He would find an egg, point to it, walk over and pick it up and then bring it to the basket and slam it in (thank goodness they were hardboiled!) He loved this game until he spied a bunch of practice golf balls that his auntie uses and then those became the hunted objects instead of the eggs (balls trump eggs in Z's world).

Now being from the cold north we always hunted for our eggs and baskets indoors. There was usually snow on the ground and it was just warmer and easier for the Easter bunny to hide our goodies inside the house. So hunting for eggs outside was a change for me but it was fun.

It was a wonderful weekend and Z had a great Easter :) Thanks everyone :)


Michelle said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful time! :) how did you get your photos like that?

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