Sunday, March 9, 2008


Every week Z and I get so excited to walk into Ms. R’s Kindermusik studio. Ms. R is one of the nicest and enthusiastic people I have ever met. She loves children and is a phenomenal music teacher.

If you have not yet heard of Kindermusik, I suggest checking out their website. Find a class near you and they will allow you to try it once for free. If the teacher in your area is half as good as Ms. R you will not be disappointed!

Z and I started Kindermusik just before he turned 4 months. Back then he was barely sitting up and would just watch the older kids sit, crawl and walk around him. The first class, called Village, is geared for children 0-18 months. This makes for a wide span of ability but it is so fun to watch each child grow throughout the class. Each Village class is 8 weeks long and they usually offer 2 a session.

Z has truly transformed in Ms. R’s Kindermusik classroom. He went from observer to active participant. He now runs around, plays the instruments, dances and claps along. He has not found his musical voice yet but as soon as he does I know he will add singing to the mix. Z loves music and I know that Ms. R is a big part of that.

Z has now moved onto the Our Time class, which is for children 18-36 months. He moved up a little early but seems to love it just as much. This class is still parent/child class but there it encourages them to be a little more independent. In the last four weeks since starting the class I have seen such a change in Z. He was very hesitant about picking out his own instruments at first and would let all of the other kids go he is much more confident and is one of the first in line. Kindermusik has classes for children up through age 7 and they also have Family classes if you have more than one child. I highly recommend checking out the website and trying out a class. I know you will be happy that you did!


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