Monday, March 17, 2008


Well we just got back from our vacation (which was awesome) and now I am facing the dreaded task of unpacking. I hate unpacking!

I LOVE to pack for a trip. For this vacation I was working on my packing list 2 months ago and the actual packing took about 2 weeks. I really get into it and love to figure out what we need and how it is all going to fit into suitcases that are lighter than 50 lbs. Thank goodness we went away before the airlines changed their checked baggage policy. In a few months each passenger will only be allowed one carry on and one checked bag (weighing less than 50lbs). If you travel with any additional luggage, you will have to pay. If that policy had been in place for this trip, we would have spent a fortune :)

Between the four of us (my dad, Z, S and I) we had 6 large suitcases (two of them over the 50lb mark), 3 carry on bags, a diaper bag, a laptop, a box of rice milk, a stroller and a car seat. The woman at the ticket desk thought I was crazy to have packed so much for only a week (8 days really). I would like to find her now and tell her that we used almost everything that I so carefully packed! It is not easy to travel light with a toddler.

So where did we go you ask? We went on a Caribbean Cruise and it was fantastic. I plan to share much of what happened over the next few weeks and talk all about traveling with a toddler...but for now I am going to continue my vent about unpacking.

As I said before, I love to pack. I also love to unpack once I get to my destination and put everything away nice and neat. I even don't mind packing up everything to go home.....but once I get home.....I am done! I woke up to 7 bags staring at me this morning. They were filled with dirty laundry, souvenirs and all of the other treasures we brought with us. I just don't have it in me to tackle this task right now. With it still being winter here, we don't need any of those summer clothes so there is no motivation to unpack :) I will get around to it sooner or later but for now I would rather reflect upon my wonderful vacation and upload and order my photos from Snapfish.

So S and Z....I will get around to unpacking, but for now this part Irish girl plans on putting her feet up to relax and unwind from her wonderful vacation! I will fill you in more about that later :) Happy St. Patrick's Day to all :)

Oh....S, R and O....congratulations on the birth of baby girl M :) I can't wait to meet her!!!!


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