Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Our Little Man

Come the first formal night on the cruise, I was a little hesitant to put Z in his tuxedo. We had had a long day exploring St. Maarten and I didn't know how he would handle being all dressed up. I put on Curious George (on our portable DVD player) and dressed him while he watched his favorite show. Once the show was over, he was all ready and went to check himself out in the mirror. He surprised us all with a big smile and then went straight to the door (as if saying "I'm ready to show the world!").

As soon as we left the room all of the attention was on Z. He was too darn cute! Everyone stopped to say "hello" or comment on how adorable he was. People asked where the tux had come from and made a big fuss over him (not bad for a hand me down tuxedo and a rented shirt). Before getting our formal portraits taken, we went to see Z's favorite band on the ship. It was a quartet and Z loved to listen to them sing and play. The band had really taken to Z and loved to watch him dance to their music (they even made up a song about him the last night we were there!)

Well Z strutted out on the dance floor (with a little coaxing from mom and dad) and when he heard the sound that his fancy shoes made on the wood floor.....WOW! He was tapping and dancing all over. The band and patrons in the lounge got a big kick out of this. And people walking by stopped to check him out ;)

After a few turns around the dance floor, we went off to get our formal pictures taken. Z did not like this at all! Our charming little gentlemen started to turn back into his squirmy, independent self :) We wanted our portrait done in front of the formal staircase and Z wanted to climb the stairs. Waiting in line for our portrait proved very challenging as he was fighting us to get down and climb the stairs. Thankfully we were able to keep him restrained or 3-4 families would have a little boy in the background of their shot :)

Once it was our turn Z was done with being still. He cooperated for a few shots but once the lady suggested one of him alone...he was done. I wish the portraits didn't cost 19.99 or else I would have bought the one she got of him alone. I was holding his hands and he was going "limp" to try to escape my grasp. He has a desperate look on his face of "Help Me!!". Well we did manage 2 good portraits and I think that would be considered a successful mission :)

As I undressed Z and put him into his jammies that night, I couldn't help but smile. Z had charmed the world with his little tuxedo, his big endearing eyes and his adorable smile. It had been such a special night and one that I will never forget.


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