Thursday, March 13, 2008

Toddler Outdoor Toys

Okay, so I really have warmer weather on my brain this week…..I can’t wait for my vacation! I have been looking into fun things to do with Z when the weather gets warmer. We try to visit the two parks in our town once or twice a week (this year we may go more now that he is older) but it is nice to have options for him right here at home.

My mom bought him a great Step 2 sandbox last year for his birthday, which he loves! It is very sturdy and we can’t wait until the snow melts so we can play with it again. Z also loves his Step 2 wagon and I am excited to take out the Radio Flyer tricycle he got for Christmas (we need to get a helmet though). I think he is still too young for a swing set (especially the one I want) so this year the plan is to get him a slide, a water table and maybe something to climb on???? I will have to check out craigslist soon ☺

We tried two different pools last year and I didn’t love either one of them. I first got this water park extravaganza! It had a palm tree that sprayed water, a blow up slide and so much more. It was horrible and destroyed our lawn! I then got a spring pool, which was better but it took so much water to fill it up. It was also very difficult to dump out every few days. This year my plan is to go for the old school hard plastic pool. That way I can fill it with a little water and dump it easily at the end of the day!

I can’t wait to be playing outside with Z! I know there will be bugs but I don’t care ☺ I want to take walks with the wagon, go out for runs with the jogging stroller and play in the sandbox. Spring….here we come!!!


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