Monday, March 7, 2011

Bringing Back Sunday Family Dinners

That is me in the pink sweater and the great headband :)
Back in the day, my Noni would host regular family Sunday dinners.  The entire extended family would gather for some chips and clam dip, pot roast and potatoes and some yummy dessert.  After dinner there were many laughs over a game of Pictionary, Balderdash (I think we used the dictionary back then), cards or other family game.  It was tradition and a great chance for the family to be together.  I have a lot of great memories from those Sundays.

My family sees each other a lot during "lake season" (May-October) and then at the holidays but then there is a big lull where we don't see to much of one another.  We gather individually but it is rare that the whole group gets together.  With my dad leaving for Turkey in a few weeks and my sister and brother in-law working most Sundays, I took yesterday as a chance to bring back the old Sunday Family Dinners.  I invited the entire family over and by some miracle they ALL came :)  We did a pot luck meal and feasted on homemade bruschetta, lasagna, homemade pizza rolls, strawberry salad, corona (my dad's contribution ;)) and "Pinkalicious Cupcakes".  

This was our first event with a kids table and G and Z sat together at his little table.  The conversation coming from that table was priceless....I so wish I had pictures and video!!!   G kept making sure that we were all still there (she couldn't see everyone) and would call out names every once and awhile.  It was so cute :)

After dinner we gathered round the Wii (not sure what my Noni would have thought of this) and played a little Rockband with the kids.  G sang Love Story by Taylor Swift and Z rocked out to Rio and Sweet Home Alabama :)   We had some great food, shared a lot of laughs and it was a nice family moment.  I am not sure when the next family moment will be but I do hope that in the future we can have more Sunday Family least one a year :)


Connie said...

Before my inlaws moved away in December...we were having family dinners every week. I'm kind of sad that isn't happening anymore.

Mom said...

Maybe our next family Sunday dinner can be when your dad gets back from Turkey. It was a lot of fun. I agree, loved the conversation from the "kids table"!
Noni would have loved Wii especially if it had a Wheel of Fortune game.
Keep working on us all and we will be there. We will start some new memories for the next generation!

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