Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Not Her Week

Lil' C is having a rough go this week. 

Thursday Afternoon:  After a lovely morning at the local Science Museum and Lil' C could not stop crying.  She had been fine at the museum but was a wreck upon arriving home.  I snatched her up and could feel the heat radiating from her body.  Her temp was 101 (ironically the little girl we went to the Museum with that morning also went home and had a temp of 101) and she was frantically pulling on her ear.  I never take my kids to the doctor (hate the looks they give you when you bring them and there is nothing wrong) but I called and they wanted to see her.  Turns out she had a bad ear infection and a new molar coming in.  Poor thing was in tons of pain.

Thursday Evening:  We were on our way up for bath before my MOMS night out and I opened the gate to go upstairs and heard SCREAMING.  Poor Lil' C's fingers were caught within the gate :(  She had a big gash and they were quickly swelling up.  I scooped her to the sink and when S looked at them he yelled, "I think you severed them!"  We are not really all that great in emergency situations but we tried to remain calm, I sang to her as I ran cold water over her fingers and S ran around collecting things we would need at the Urgent Care Facility (mainly pants for Z, he was half nude ;)).  After getting in the car, we thought twice about going to Urgent Care, I mean what would they do for a finger even if it was broken??  I called my sister, a nurse, and she agreed that the best thing would be to give Lil' C some advil and get her to bed (she had an ear infection after all).  This is what we did and thankfully she is okay.  They were black and blue and quite swollen but not broken!

Friday Afternoon:  I was putting Z's clothes into his drawer and went to shut the drawer when I heard screaming again.  You guessed it, she had her fingers there too!!!  This time it was the other hand.   I am so not winning MOTHER OF THE YEAR!!!  It was not as bad as the night before and some cold water made everything okay.

Weekend:  Tired, teething, miserable, whining, sick baby :(   She is climbing up on everything and took a nasty spill off one of the chairs.  We have removed half of the chairs (including all kitchen and a few dining room) from our home as a result!

Monday Morning:  Lil' C was at music class and was on all fours trying to get up to come over to me.  This kid sees her bum in the air and takes it as an opportunity to kick her with all his might.  She slams her face down on concrete floor (covered by thin carpeting) and there is blood everywhere.  It is coming from her nose and mouth and Z and I are trying to get her both calm and the bleeding under control :( 

Tuesday afternoon:  Lil' C takes a spill off of the rocking chair in the family room.  This was probably the 15th fall of the day.  She is okay but what am I going to do with her??  We do need to have some places to sit in this house!! 

So that is her week in a nutshell.  The poor thing is a walking disaster.  Does anybody have a bubble they can lend us??


Mommy Lisa said...

Poor Baby! Poor Mama!

Mom said...

Luckily, she bounces back and has a short memory of the "boo boos". However, she also has a short memory after getting hurt on something. Doesn't stop her from going back for more. Unfortunately, Mommy doesn't get over it as fast as she does.

Takes after Auntie K - into, onto and climbing everything.

Annie said...

Hugs, hang in there!

MamaB said...

Ugh...just catching up on the blog...poor Lil C and poor Momma! I hope all has gotten better!

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