Thursday, March 31, 2011

Focus on the Family--April Edition

Click here to peak at how we did with March's "Focus on the Family" goals .  It was probably our best month yet!!!  March was a bit of a crazy month but we got through it and I am looking forward to a great April :)

Family Time
*Plan a family fun day in Boston (we tried but unfortunately plans fell through...hopefully next month)
*Spend Easter with Mimi and Grandpa J
*Family Yard sale
*Spend time with Neene while Chi Chi is away

Z and C Time
*Get in some Park Time
*Take them on at least one adventure
*enjoy this month of Seeds, Earth Day and Easter (we added whales in too ;)
*Work on Z's handwriting
*Make a bubble to keep Lil' C in so she won't get hurt so much :)  much improved this month!
*Get outside as MUCH AS WE CAN!!

Momma Time
*Mom's Weekend Away with La--Wedding :)
*WORK OUT--Start Power 90
*Continue my Advent Letter project and random acts of kindness

Momma and Papa Time (keeping it the same)
*Try Hard to not let the stress get to us (worked HARD at this!!)
*Go on a date night (maybe next month)
*have one home date

Home Time
*Continue my Spring Cleaning--Focus on Family Room and Kitchen
*Organize our spring yard sale
*Sell More Stuff on Ebay and Amazon
*Finish Decluttering the House--So close!!
*Plan the Garden
*Get compost going again

Counting My Blessings
This month I am giving a shout out to my closest of friends (you know who you are are). Thank you for your support, love, kindness and most of all your friendship.  I have depended on you all a lot this past year and I am so grateful to be surrounded by such beautiful, loving and fun people :)  I look forward to many more playdates, ladies nights outs and weekends away!  You guys are truly amazing :)

I am so incredibly blessed!


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