Monday, March 21, 2011

In the 60's, Eggs, Shreddding, New Dishwasher, Grandparents, Maple Syrup

What do these things all have in common??  They were the highlights of our fabulous weekend!  Thursday and Friday temps were in the 60's.  The snow melted so much in those two days.  We went from about a foot in our yard to a couple of inches and many bear spots!  The kids and I enjoyed two days of outdoor fun in the driveway :)  On Friday night I had a wonderful time at book club and ended up coming home with a dozen fresh eggs!  The host has 15 chickens and let us all go home with eggs.  I usually buy mine at a local farm but was unable to get their this week, it was wonderful for her to share with us!   Book club was also LOTS of fun :)

This is a mess that I like to clean up!  Welcome Spring!!!

As for shredding, it took me TWO days to shred all of the papers that I needed to shred from last week's Hot Spot Project for Simple Mom :)  It feels so good to be done and I hope to never have 12 years worth of crap to shred again!

The new dishwasher came on Saturday evening (did I tell you the old one melted a hole in the bottom and I was standing in a lake in my kitchen???).  I had been without one for a week and a half and it was soooo nice to see it arrive.  We decided to forgo the $150 installation fee and so S and his Dad worked all evening and into the night on getting it installed.  It was tedious but it works and looks GREAT!

We were so blessed to not only have my mother over for dinner (dad was in Mexico) on Saturday night but S's parents drove up to be with us as well.  The kids were in their glory as they were spoiled with love and attention.  It was so nice to have everybody here!

Sunday we visited a local Sugar House to see how the golden goodstuff gets to our table :)  It was lots of fun and Z even ran into one of his friends.  We went home with some syrup for our pancakes and can't wait to enjoy it tomorrow.  We then spent the afternoon outside.  It was not as warm as Friday but 40 and Sunny, we'll take it!
Sugar House

I hope you had a nice weekend :)


Connie said...

How fun!!

I want to go to a Sugar HOuse!

My kids are sick...took 2.5 hour naps today and I tackled the toys!

Mom said...

Let's see, 60's on Friday and snow on Monday! Only in NE!
Thanks for an enjoyable time on Saturday. I love the attention, too!

Annie said...

So glad you had a great time the last couples of days.

Mommy Lisa said...

Its going to be so rainy here this week I am kind of jealous.

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