Friday, March 4, 2011

Project Simplify

I am super excited to be participating in Simple Mom's "Project Simplify" starting March 7th.  This goes right along with our journey to simplify our home and life.  My buddy Connie introduced me to Tsh and Simple Mom a little over a year ago and I am so grateful that she did!  Tsh and her fabulous network of websites (back then it was only one) has helped me so much on this journey that I am on right now.  I read the websites daily, devoured her book over the holidays and have taken so many of her strategies and suggestions and made them my own.  We now have a Family Purpose Statement, my Family Management Notebook finally works for me, I have a weekly cleaning rotation that keeps cleaning manageable and I have stretched out her 10 day Spring Cleaning Schedule so that it fits my crazy schedule :)  I have learned so much from her and even wrote her a "fan" letter the other day after winning one of her fabulous giveaways.

So if you haven't heard of Simple Mom, go and check it out :)  This month of cleaning and organizing should be fun so join up (there are prizes!!).  I will be posting my own progress right here on my blog.  It all starts on Monday and I can't wait to see what areas she is going to have us attack :)  Happy Organizing!


Connie said...

I'm going to join in this too! Didn't realize it was coming up so soon!

And you're welcome!

Connie said...

Just so you know....I'll be documenting my simplifing on my OTHER, other blog.

Connie Downsized.

Little BGCG's Mommy said...

Now you've got me all intrigued! Heading over there now!

Mom said...

I want to simplify. Started this weekend by going through the closet, is a beginning, I'm trying.
I just want to get rid of stuff and make our lives easier. You have been a good role model.

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