Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Sink Standoff

This is the sink in my master bedroom.  After cleaning the bathroom last Wednesday, I put this sign up so that we would no longer use this sink until the drain was unclogged.  I was sick of the soapy, scummy sink of standing water and was hoping S would see this sign and then remember to take care of it. 

This was a week ago....yup.  Now when I put the sign up I figured that, being as busy as he is, he would not get to it until the weekend.  In this house we have unspoken responsibilities....he is in charge of trash and home repairs and I do EVERYTHING else ;)  Since he has been working so much, I have taken over most of the trash responsibilities (if I didn't it would be out of control) but there are some things that I was hoping he would still do.  Could I learn how to unclog a sink?  Yes, I know I could.  But since he has over 10 years of experience in this area, I think he would be much quicker about it :)

So when do you think the sink will be unclogged??  S has already moved his toothbrush to the other bathroom and is making full use of the hand sanitizer I put next to the "Out of Order" sink.  I really don't want to have to ask him to do it, so I will wait and see how long it takes.  Feel free to take the poll on the sidebar and let me know when you think he will unclog the sink :)  I vow that this will not be like his suitcases that stand in the kitchen for over a week before I get so sick of them I move them to the stairs (Everybody Loves Raymond Style), and after he walks by them for a few days, give in and bring it up and unpack it!!!  No, this time I am standing firm.....I hope :)


Mommy Lisa said...

I have had wallpaper in my basement for 2.5 years minimum that hubby agreed I should purchase for him to install. Ahem.

Mom said...

Call ML, (your brother-in-law, he will do it for you and it will be perfect. Sometimes you just have to go outside. Maybe you can call Mike Holmes (Holmes on Holmes), he will fix things for you.
Love ya!

Connie said...

I say it will be done by Sunday.

I'm also married to Raymond (and my MIL lived down the street from me when I married him). We had the Suitcase situation when we returned from our honeymoon. He lived out of it for 3 months....until finally it was empty.

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