Monday, March 14, 2011


It has been awhile so I am going to share a bunch of funny things Z has said lately.  If you are my friend on facebook then you have seen all of these but I thought it was important to document them here ;)

1. After explaining the concept of lent to Z and that I had given up sweets, I asked him if he would like to give anything up or try to do something good. He said, "Mommy, I will try to sing songs from the 80's"
2.  Z and I were pretending to be Jack and Annie from the Magic Tree House books and our tree house landed on Jupiter.
Me: How are we going to go explore Jupiter? It is really cold out there and the planet is made of gas.
Z: Let's put on our poop suits and go explore the Gas Giant.
Me: Poop suits? What will those do?
Z: Poop makes you ...gassy so you need to wear a poop suit to be in all that gas!
3.  Z: Mommy when I am 53 I will have two kids and a car.
Me: Sounds great Z
(long silent pause)
Z: Mommy, if I don't have a car, how will I go to the car store and buy a car?
Me: That is a great question, you could always someone to give you a ride. 
Z: (more silence) I know, I will take your car and then go to the car store and buy a tow truck and then tow your car home.
Me: Brilliant!
4.  Z: I love Bacon so much!!
Me: Do you know where bacon comes from?
Z: Yes, farms
Me: Yes, it does come from farms but do you know which animal it comes from? (blank stare from Z) It comes from pigs
Z: Oh yes!!! Pigs poop out bacon!!
It may have been wrong to not correct this notion but for now I guess ignorance is bliss?!?!


Mommy Lisa said...

Yea - Boo Boo asked me if the pigs MADE the bacon and I just said. Uhhh, yeah.

Mom said...

Just wait 'til Lil' C can talk.

Annie said...

Love to read about the things kids says.

Connie said...

HA!~ What is with the POOP??

Last week my son asked me to please Poop out another baby.

I said no thank you!

Little BGCG's Mommy said...

lol SO cute!! I love that you guys read The Magic Tree House!

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