Thursday, March 24, 2011

Project Simplify Week #3--Kids Dressers and Closets

This Week's Hotspot over at Simple Mom was the Kids Toys or Clothes :)  I go through my kids toys so often (Z feels it is a little TOO often) and we just did a big clean out at Christmas and again a few weeks ago after reading this AMAZING Book, Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne (more on that another day).  I thought it was unfair for Z to go through them again and honestly the majority of the toys that are left are toys that are all loved and played with often.  I think we will wait a bit (maybe at yard sale time) to go through them again. 

So this week was all about the closets.  My children's closets were disasters.  We had things in there that had not been moved since the day we moved in 5 years ago.  I had started going through stuff over the last month but this week was a big push to get it cleaned out.  Z has a "Clubhouse" in his closet now that the 2 guitars and all of the rest of the junk are out :)  And Lil C still has some clothes bags that need to head to the attic in hers but over all they are looking good.  I also did their drawers and went through all of their clothes.  Now Z is able to pick out his own clothes and get himself dressed in the morning!!!!  Yipee :)

Here are the pictures....

Z's closet half way through and finished closet

A sample drawer for you...Z's shirts

the stuff I took out of Z's closet!!

Z's finished room (I also decluttered his room)

Lil' C's closet half way through and after

A sample drawer of Lil' C--her socks/swimsuits before and after

Her room after decluttering :)

Thanks Tsh over at Simple Mom for Week 3's Hotspot.  It was ALOT of work (especially with a 17 month old underfoot) but the rooms and closets look great and I feel like our house just took a big sigh of relief :)

Happy Cleaning!


Mom said...

Awesome job!!!! Now you (they) have to keep it that way. The kids rooms look great :D

Anytime you want to head over here...

Connie said...

Great job!!

I need to work on my post today!

Shonda said...

Those rooms look great and cute too. I'm not much into decorating! I tend to over clutter, but your deco is nice! Hey, I was a teacher too, but I'm home now and will be homeschooling in a few years (well, starting a little right now with my 2 year old). I love staying at home with him!

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