Friday, March 18, 2011

Project Simplify Week #2--Paper Clutter

Oh paper, how it clutters up our lives.  It clutters my car, my handbag, my kitchen table, my Family Management Notebook, my cabinets, my overstuffed filing cabinet....MY LIFE!  This week's challenge over at Simple Mom was especially challenging for me.  But I am happy to say that after 4 days attacking the problem, we are looking pretty good.  I still have a pile of things to shred (S was out of town this week and I didn't want to shred without him just incase I had a shredder accident) but overall we have turned over a new leaf.  This included moving the filing cabinet out of Lil C's closet.  Having it there was so impractical because any time I had a chance to file something she was asleep!  Hopefully with our new plan in place we can keep it up!

Here are some photos of the progress.

We reclaimed our table!!!  All of the mail is either being eliminated by going paperless, being recycled right away or being filed away (and the basket is now in the pantry).

I made four folders:  Immediate Attention, File Away, our Tax Paperwork and Business Receipts

 Here is the pile (plus one more box in the basement) to be shredded!!  We had papers dating back to 1999, including every lease we have ever had and we have owned our house for 5 years!!

My recipes were all a jumbled mess.  I keep most of them on my computer but often print them out to have them close.  I made this recipe binder to fix that paper nightmare :)
My Family Management Notebook and Counter Keeper before
 Then After :)  Nothing too drastic here.

Our Catch All Shelf (envelopes, take out menus, markers, tape...ETC) before and after

Thanks Tsh over at Simple Mom for Week 2's Hotspot.  It was very important and I am glad that we now have it under control.  I will now spend my weekend shredding :)

Happy Cleaning!


Connie said...

Great job!

I need to find a place to take my shredding. I have too much to use a little home one.

Cheri said...

Your approach seemed a bit like mine - lots of mini hot spots cleaned up. Doesn't it feel great to have a clean table? For me it was the kitchen counter.

Little BGCG's Mommy said...

Paper is absolutely something I need to get a handle on at my house...Maybe I'll deal with the mail today!

Lee-Ann said...

Great job! I really need to do this! I also need to make a family management binder, what a great idea!

Annie said...

Three weeks ago I shredded a pile of papers like yours. Now, I have lots of space,haha.

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