Friday, December 9, 2011

Santa Knows Jedi's :)

Yesterday we spent a morning with Santa at the Children's Museum where we are members.  They had a special activity (limited to only 15 children) where the kids got to really hang out with Santa while they decorated cookies, made ornaments, listened to a story and got to have their picture taken.  It was very cute and a big surprise for Z...he had no idea what the special adventure was!
It took Z a while to warm up to Santa but once he did, it was magic.  He told him that he had been good and asked for Star Wars Legos.  This prompted a five minute conversation between the two Star Wars fans....Z was in HEAVEN!!!  He told Santa the Jedi name he had made up for himself and Santa told him that he has had jedi's up to the North Pole before.
Lil' C was a bit nervous around Santa and refused to sit on his lap.  She did warm up though after 35 minutes or so and did give him a hug and touch his hat!  Z went back for a second conversation (after a lot of hemming and hawing) and told Santa all about how for the last two weeks he has turned out playroom into a workshop to make toys and delivers them using our couch as a sleigh.  Santa was most impressed by this :)
 This intimate setting was the perfect way for my kids to interact with Santa.  They had time to feel him out, could approach him slowly and Santa was so good about making a connection with each child.  While not talking with Santa they made ornaments and decorated was a wonderful morning.
My December Photo of the Day--December 8th


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Looks like they had a great time with Santa.

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