Wednesday, December 28, 2011

An Unforgettable Moment

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, I know we did.  Ours was filled with family, friends, laughs, good food, smiles, warm fires, hugs and very special gifts.  It was an unforgettable holiday but the moment I am about to describe is by far my favorite.

Christmas Eve we had Mimi, Grandpa J, Auntie A and Uncle A sleeping over.  We pulled Z's mattress into our room to make room for our guests and so he slept in our room.  The adults went to bed on the later side and hoped and prayed that the kids would sleep in (past 6) so that we could get some much needed rest.  Lil' C was up once around 5:00 am but after a drink of water and a diaper change, she went back to sleep.  I was woken up at 7:18 by Z going to the bathroom...7:18....It was AMAZING!

I waited for Z to run out of the bathroom full of the excitement that Christmas morning brings.  Instead I watched my sleepy son, climb back into bed and fall back to sleep.  For the next 8 minutes I watched him come in and out of consciousness as he slowly woke up.  He'd open his eyes, look around and then fall back to sleep.  At 7:28 the child's eyes grew wide and a giant smile crept over his face.  Our twinkling eyes locked and he said in voice filled with glee, "It's Christmas!"

 I hope to never forget this moment.  This moment of innocence, joy, excitement and love.  My children helped to make this holiday so special for all that encountered them and for that I am truly grateful.


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