Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mommy the Busy Elf

Man have I been busy creating lately :)  I LOVE to be creative and this year (as always) I have taken on way too much and have very little chance of getting it all done.  But it wouldn't be Christmas without late nights elfing!!

I am jumping with joy because I just finished Z's homemade gift.  Each year we make the kids one homemade gift from the heart.  S and Z are in charge of Lil' C's gift this year and I wanted to do Z's.  I had a tough time deciding what to create but in the end settled on a reversible Super Hero cape.  I went to the fabric store, bought some cheap Satiny material and some fabric fusing stuff.  I checked out a bunch of websites to figure out how to make a cape and found this one to be the most helpful.

 I made my own pattern and free handed the super hero emblems.  I then ironed them emblems onto the fabric fuse material and fused them to the cape.
 I sewed the emblems as well to make sure they wouldn't fall off. 

I then sewed the right sides together leaving six inches at the bottom so that I could flip it right side out.  I then went around and sewed a 1/4 inch finishing stitch to finish it all off and VOILA....

I can't WAIT to give it to him....I hope he loves it as much as I do!  I also made it so it fits my neck ...that way when they ask me to play I can do so comfortably ;)


Connie said...

That looks great! He's going to love it!

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