Friday, December 16, 2011

Things I Love Right Now....

*Sitting all cozy in front of the fire before bedtime as we read our Advent Book of the night

*The fact that Lil' C will not take off the Diego Santa Hat she found in the Dollar Store...what a treasure for her....she wears it all the time

*Z's reactions to the elves daily antics

*Lil C singing "Jinble Balls" all day long

*Watching a different favorite holiday film each night

*Egg Nog in my coffee

*That the majority of my homemade gifts are finished and the fact that we handcrafted so many things this year

*Watching old rerun holiday episodes of some of my favorite TV shows on Netflix (Family Ties, The Office, Cheers)

*Our Holiday Traditions, especially the trip to the liquor store this week to see the trains...what fun!

*The fact that I did not spend a dime on wrapping stuff this year....everything is wrapped in things I found around the house or paper bags.

*That I gave my first homemade gift away last night and both of us cried

*The glow of the house at this time of those Christmas lights

*The anticipation of what is to come


Connie said...

You are having the BEST Christmas!

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