Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Quiet New Years

New Years has never been my favorite holiday.  I always feel like there is a big build and lots of expectations, which never become reality.  We've gone to crowded clubs in downtown Boston, took a disappointing Boston Harbor Cruise and I spent 1999 sick as a dog with a fever of 103 while people celebrated around me.  Don't get me wrong I have had some fun New Years Eves, I even spent one in Virginia Beach at a Dave Matthews Concert.  But thinking back, my favorite memories are of the quiet evenings with a few friends, family or just S and I. 

This year we were hoping for a quiet evening with friends but unfortunately our bodies have decided otherwise.  S's hectic schedule over the last year has finally caught up with him and he now needs to take some time to get healthy.  I have a stomach bug, Lil' C has had a fever the last two days and all four of us our coughing and have been for weeks.  So tonight, we are laying low.  We will eat a yummy dinner, fill out our New Years Family Interviews, pull out our New Years decorations, watch some home movies and ring in the new year at 7pm with bubble wrap and apple juice.  S and I will go to bed at our normal time and we will start 2012 off rested and hopefully feeling better. Tomorrow we will feast on the cinnamon rolls I was suppose to make for Christmas morning and make our New Years resolutions :) 

Whatever you are up to tonight, I hope that you are safe and that all your expectations come true! 

Happy New Year!!!


Lee-Ann said...

Happy New Year to you! Your evening sounds perfect. :)

Annie said...

Hope all of you feel better soon.

Just celebrating with family is amazing. Happy New Year!!

Connie said...

We're sick too.

Went to bed at 9:30pm!

Happy New Year!

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