Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Kid Hates Cake and Ice Cream

Every birthday party Z has been to in the last few months ends the same way....TEARS!  He loves the playing part of the parties (bouncy houses, arcades etc.) but when it is time to stop playing and eat pizza, cake and ice cream....the kid goes to pieces.  He cries and cries and cries and no matter how much we role play with him or prep him for this moment of the always ends the same. 

Z does not eat birthday party food, he also does not like to be in confined spaces. Party rooms are usually small and the kids are crammed in stuffing their faces with this tasty birthday food.  Z use to go in, try to sit (he was an emotional mess) and be close to tears the entire time.  Now he resorts to full out tears and won't go into the rooms at all.  It is torture for him, embarrassing for us and just plain awful.  The only solution I see....unless somebody has a different one for to take a break from parties for a bit.  It will be hard for him, I am sure, to miss his friends upcoming parties but I don't know what else to do.  Any advice???


Connie said...

Alex didn't like cake for a few years.....but I really don't know why.

It sounds like you've tried everything.

Good Luck!

MamaB said...

Is there a way Z could come early and leave before the cake? Or arrive late after the cake or food part where he can politely decline to eat but still be at the party? I also think you need to be honest with the parents and let them know Z has some spacial/food issues or behaviors that you are working on but would prefer missing the whole cake/food portion right now and could they let you know if it is an eat first then play or a play then eat. Let Z know that you are only going to a portion of the gathering and if he wants to be there sooner or stay later he is going to have to quietly wait through the cake/food portion. He doesn't have to eat but he needs to be respectful. And let the parent know not to offer or focus on Z. Okay that is my advice...

The Lone Female said...

Our son doesn't like pizza and just this year started tolerating cake. He'll take a few bites and then give me the rest (bonus for mama!) He loves to go to parties and we let him pack a snack or meal (depending on the time of day) for himself in his lunchbox. That way he can still visit with his friends and eat what he likes. Most parents are envious when he pulls out fruit and veggies instead of chowing on pizza. Sorry I don't have suggestions for the spatial issues, but I hear him...those little rooms make me a little panicky too!

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