Friday, December 2, 2011

The Gift of a Story

Z and C opened up their first advent book last night and it was so exciting!  I love that they have a fun gift to open each and every night and that there is so much excitement over a book that they already own (but haven't seen in a year).  That is the fun of books, they are truly magic and that is why I love this part of our Christmas Countdown. 

This year I decided to extend the fun right until New Years Day.  I remember as a kid, the week between Christmas and New Years was a bit of a bummer.  You have all that build up for Christmas Day and then it is over with the blink of an eye.  I thought that it might be fun to continue the opening of books until January 1st.  The books after Christmas include books about Kwanza. a New Years Eve story and some of our favorite Winter Stories.  I hope that this will help keep the fun alive for the entire Christmas Week :)

If you notice, the wrapping paper is not that Christmasy :)  Well S and I made a pact to buy no Holiday Wrap this year.  We are using paper bags, paper we already had, bags we have saved and even T-shirts with festive bows.  It has been a bit of a challenge to wrap this year but also a lot of fun.  This fish paper my MIL gave me a few years ago and I think it looks wonderful under the tree with the bright blue!


Annie said...

I like the idea of reading a book each night.

Have a great weekend.

Connie said...

What a great idea!

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