Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas in Photos :)

Here is a photo montage of our holiday!

Christmas Eve at Mom's
Christmas Eve Morning Dance Party
She loves that hat!
Z's Kindermusik Glockenspiel!
Legos for Lil C
My nephew trying to throw everything away...including his presents
Playing with one of his two big wishes...dinosaurs!!!
My Niece in her new princess cape
Daddy got Snow Shoes from Neene and Chi Chi
New Toys!!
Playing with Uncle M
All ready for the party
Spreading Reindeer Food with Uncle A, Auntie A and Grandpa J
Grandpa reading Twas the Night before Christmas
Santa Came!!!
The kids got snowshoes from Santa!! Now we all have them :)
Z's big Santa Wish!!!
Auntie A painted that for Lil C
Good Guy Star Wars Jammies!!!
A Race car from Uncle B
George in the cradle
A PONY!!!  From Uncle B
Christmas Dinner Table
Auntie A got to spend a couple of extra days so we took her to the planetarium!!!


Annie said...

So glad you all of you had a wonderful Christmas!!!

GpJ & Mimi said...

Great Christmas time had by all.
See you next year.
Love you guys.

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