Sunday, January 20, 2008

Church with a Toddler....

We have been members of our current church for a little over a year. When Z was born we searched for a church community that would help us to raise Z with the values and morals that we were raised with. S had been part of a small church community and I had been part of a large one so we weren't sure what we wanted for our new family. In the end we picked a small friendly and loving community who accepted us with open arms.

S has been very active in the church community. He has joined the choir, attends the regular meetings and is loved by all of the older ladies! Z and I went very regularly in the beginning (back when it was easy to contain him) and the people really enjoyed his "cute" noises and big smiles. We took a break from church during the summer but returned in the fall. Z was mobile at this point (a new challenge) and church also occurred during Z's nap time. We did go the one time and then decided to let daddy go alone until Z moved to one afternoon nap.

Well we made the big return last Sunday! I was so excited to be able to go to church again as a family. I knew Z wouldn't sit for the whole service but I had a shopping bag full of toys, books and snacks and hoped that he would sit for at least part of it and then we would go to the church nursery for the rest. Well we took our seat in the back and all was well....until the choir walked in and Z saw his daddy! From that point on it was Z's mission to get to his daddy! NOTHING distracted him!!!!! He didn't want his toys, books, snacks or the nursery...he wanted his DADDY! He could be heard faintly in the church as he screamed "Daddy" in the nursery. He wailed and cried and wanted to be with his dad.

So we left after 18 minutes. We both sobbed as we walked to the car. He kept crying "daddy" and I was right there with him. We cried all the way to the grocery store where we both were able to gain composure and move on. After church S called us and told us how sorry he was that he was not there to help. I told him that Z and I would not be going back to church for quite awhile! Oh well....we tried! You just can't explain to a one year old why they can't go and be with their daddy when he is singing with the choir.


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