Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Great Free Outing

Today Z and I went to our public library. It is one of his favorite places to go and I love it because it does not cost a thing! Our library has a wonderful kids section with lots of fun things for him to do. They have puzzles, cars, puppets, trains etc. He also loves to look through all of the board books and sit down to read them. We go once every two weeks and I pick out a few books and a movie for him. They have a great kids DVD selection and this week we got a short movie all about balls! Zachary is obsessed with balls (like most other toddlers his age) and was carrying the DVD case all over the house saying, "ball".

The one downfall of our trips to the library is getting Z to leave. He cries when it is time to go and usually has to be bribed with milk or his toy football. The librarians think it is great that he loves the library so much.

Many libraries have lots of free programs for kids. Ours has a toddler story time which Z will be ready for in a few months. I highly recommend checking out your public library. It is one free and fun activity you can do with your kids for their entire childhood!


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