Friday, January 18, 2008

The Move to One Nap

Well I think we have done it (knock on wood)! I think we have successfully switched to one nap. It was a month looooonnnnnnngggggg journey but the new schedule seems to be working. I was really hesitant to give up the two nap schedule because I liked having two separate breaks throughout the day. They were both short breaks but at least I had at least 45 minutes twice a day to do what I needed to do.

The holiday madness forced us to head toward the one nap schedule before we were ready (well I am sure Z was ready but I wasn't). There were many tear filled days as we skipped naps, tried to move nap times around or Z would refuse to sleep. Then finally we fell upon the after lunch nap time and everything has been working out pretty well.

With this new schedule I have a nice long 2 hour chunk to myself (on some days it is as long as 3 1/2 hours)!!! It is great, I can now workout, get dinner started, clean, write my blog entry and get ready for the evening with Z. It also gives us a morning to do what we want with. Some days those long morning chunks seem to last forever (today for example) but for the most part we are out enjoying life. Every day is different and full of new challenges and just when you get into a groove, everything changes! So I know that this schedule won't last forever but for now it works for us ;)

Happy Zzzzz's!


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