Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Z's First Encounter with a "Bully" :)

Well today was a first for Z and I...Z was attacked by an older child :) We were at a MOMs club event and there were lots of other children (all ages) there. Z was busy shooting hoops and was doing really well with me being across the room. He could see me when he wanted to and that was working just fine.

While I was talking with another mother, I quickly glanced over to the corner of the room to see these two little red shoes sticking out from under a much larger child. I heard this little cry and quickly ran to pull the child off of Z. The child's mother turned to see what was going on (as did the rest of the crowded room) and she immediately pulled her child out of the room and put him in timeout. I looked down at Z who was unsure of what had just happened and was sobbing uncontrollably. I took him into my arms and looked around at the other mothers. I explained that that was his first attack and they said, "Well it won't be his last." Looking for something to calm Z down I noticed a little block. It is my guess that the source of the fight was that little block. I am sure Z saw the little boy holding the block, went to grab it (because that is what 1 year olds do) and the little boy took him to the ground.

The child's mother came back in the room to see if Z was okay and I assured her he was. The incident had shaken us both up a little so I went to find one of the moms in my playgroup for a little comfort (and the "sympathy" that I did not get from the moms in the other room :)).

I know no one is to blame and that this will be the first of many incidents like this. We usually hang around with other children Z's age and in that circle all we have to deal with are little shoves and the occasional bop over the head. I am sure that someday soon I will be pulling Z off some other child......but when I do..... I will make sure that I give that mother the "sympathy" that she needs to get over her child's first attack. :)


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