Wednesday, February 27, 2008

All Aboard the Potty Train.....

Well Z has been chosen to participate in the second round of field testing for the new Baby Signs (R) Potty Training program! This program is designed to potty train children before the age of 2. I know it sounds crazy but it has already worked for so many people, many of whom have children less than one! I have one friend who tried it with her 2 1/2 year old and she was using the potty after the first day!

We got our kit in the mail and it is really cute (I have put it in my Amazon Store, which is over on the left). They have a train whistle (get it...the Potty Train), a board book, a children's DVD, motivational stickers and a parent guide. I found the parent guide to be easy to read and very informative. I read it in one sitting and I am in the process of putting together our plan for potty training :) I would start today but we leave for vacation in a few weeks and I would hate to have to start and then stop or worse yet have to potty train while we are away! So we will start as soon as we get back.

Z has seen the DVD twice and really loves it (I find it a little monotonous). He has learned the routine from the DVD and the 5 signs in the Potty Training program. The signs are potty, more, all done, wash (for wash your hands) and good job. We have also taught him poop...just because it is fun to do :) He also has his new potty which he loves! It is in our downstairs bathroom and he likes to sit on it (with his pants on) while I go potty and read. We have a stack of his books in the bathroom. It is very cute :)

I found this really cute potty watch online which I am going to order. You can set it to go off every 30, 60 or 90 minutes to help remind children (and parents) to use the potty. It plays either "London Bridge", "Oh My Darling" or "Are you Sleeping". The website has changed the words to the songs so you can sing a potty song every time it goes off ;)

So after vacation we will be up and running with potty training. I have to admit, I really nervous! I will keep you posted, I am sure I will have lots of stories to tell. They say the key is staying positive, patient and creative. We shall see....."chooo, chooo".


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the potty training...

As I recall Z's mom was real stubborn when it came time to potty training. We tried EVERYTHING to get her interested. What finally did it was the idea that she wouldn't be able to go to pre-school if she wasn't potty trained. I think she overheard us talking about it and decided that it was time. From that moment on she was completely trained!

Love, N (Z's Grandmother)

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