Thursday, February 7, 2008

Valentines Day Countdown....

Well the Hallmark holiday is only a week away! Like many of you I have had my share of bad Valentines Days...there was the one where my high school boyfriend broke up with me the week before, the many where I was alone and the worst of them all was when my boyfriend in college stood me up and then showed up at my house at 11:30pm with a box of chocolate to make up for it (btw I am very allergic to chocolate!!!).

The last 9 Valentines Days with S have been wonderful and this year will be our 10th Valentines Day together :) We have done a lot of wonderful things in the past.....romantic dinners, fabulous gifts, limos coming to the house, flowers, romantic getaways etc. Last year we spent our first night away from Z and went into the city for an elegant dinner (with lots of wine). We then we spent the night in one of the nicest hotels, it was wonderful :)

Well this year things are a little different. With money being tight there will be no lavish dinners, limos, hotel stays or expensive gifts. We have decided to spend nothing on this years Valentines Day and get a little creative. This year we are going to make dinner together, enjoy an inexpensive bottle of wine, talk, eat slowly, enjoy each others company and then present each other with love letters ;) My friend C asked for one from her husband for Christmas and that inspired me. I thought it would be the perfect gift to one another. I cannot wait to read what S writes.

Last year we made gifts from Z and they were so sweet. S designed a website about why Z loved me (he is way too computer savy) and I made a book with pictures of why Daddy Loves Z. It was funny that the gifts were similar, yet so different. It was very sweet and we still have both and plan to treasure them forever!

Well everyone, I hope that you take some time and thought when you plan out this years Valentines Day. Please remember that if your gift or idea comes from your heart it is worth much more than anything bought in a store! So you have a week.......take this commercial holiday as a chance to show your loved ones how special they are to you :)


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