Friday, February 1, 2008


Okay, I know I already posted today but after just leaving what I think was my bedroom....I had to take a moment to vent. Our bedroom is covered in laundry. Some of it is clean but most of it is DIRTY!! I can't even shut S's closet door (where we keep the dirty clothes) and I don't even know where to start.

Z's laundry seems to get done on a regular basis (I guess it is because it is easier and cuter). He always has clean clothes to wear and his clothes seem to make it into the dresser :) I guess getting that done must take up all of my laundry skills because I can't seem to stay on top of the rest of it. We are constantly fumbling through the pile looking for something presentable (and not smelly) to wear. Thank goodness S does not have to wear suits and ties to work.

Help me laundry goddess (check her out...I am sure she has no problem with her laundry). I need some serious laundry guidance. It is always my intention to do a little each day but that never happens. Then we get into the situation we are in right now which means....a weekend of doing laundry! So this weekend our house will be covered in mismatched socks, towels and T-shirts. So please, no one come over unless you want to come and help us fold and put away our laundry. Wish us luck.


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