Monday, February 4, 2008

First Cake for Z!!!

This past weekend the whole family went to a 1st birthday party for a good family friend. Z went with no nap but had a blast playing with the other kids, running after the balloons and checking out all of the new toys! He especially loved the goody bag he got...the perfect bag for a one year old. The biggest highlight for me (and I think Z too) was watching him eat his first cupcake!

Z has many food issues and as a baby was unable to digest milk or soy. Since I breastfed him for the first year of his life, that meant that I could not have any of these foods as well. Do you realize how many foods contain soy? I challenge you to go to your cabinet and look for 5 foods without some derivative of soy. It is really difficult to do!

Z drinks rice milk instead of whole milk or formula. We have been experimenting lately with adding in milk and soy into his diet. We have been trying foods where milk and soy are cooked into the food. These trials have worked at times and backfired at other times.

At his own first birthday Z had a banana vegan cake made with a rice milk frosting glaze. He did like it but it was not the kind of cake you can really get into and mash all over your face. So at the party we decided to let him try a cupcake. This cupcake had Elmo on the top and was covered in yummy, sugary frosting! Z had a blast. He ate the entire thing, was covered from head to toe in cupcake (as was I because I was holding him). It was so much fun to watch :)

Thanks for a great party C Family! You did a wonderful job and we were honored to be there!


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