Monday, February 25, 2008

Boys Weekend!!!

Well this past weekend S and Z went off on a boys road trip to Grandma and Grandpa's house. This was so that I could help throw a Bachelorette party and a Bridal Shower for my best friend L ;) From the sound of it they had a great time! There were fishies to feed, pancakes to eat, a first time sledding adventure, books, visiting with Z's auntie and uncles, an indoor golf game, balls to play with, trucks to see, a puppy to play with and of course Grandma M and Grandpa J.

Meanwhile, back at home I was very busy getting ready for the two parties. I did however make some time for myself and got a massage! It was so wonderful (S is going next week as a trade off) and I also got to workout for over an hour :) I loved having time alone to do whatever I wanted. I forgot what it was like to be able to get out the car and actually run into a store quickly :)

At the end of my nice day the girls came over for L's Bachelorette Party. We had lot's of good food, yummy drinks and played some really fun games :) I am now in love with the game Mad Gab! It is so much fun :) You have to check it out (I just put it in my Amazon store) it is so funny. We played it for quite awhile :)

By Sunday morning I was definitely missing my two guys. I got a very nice message on my voice mail from Z saying "Momma" and it made me tear up. I had a great time at the Bridal Shower and L seemed to really enjoy herself. Bridal showers are so hard on the bride (and I had 4). It is so wonderful that your family and friends love you so much and want to shower you with gifts, don't get me wrong, but it is so hard to be the center of attention! You have to wear your perma-grin, make small talk and have to sit and open presents while everyone watches. Because of all of the attention, you usually start to sweat and then you then have to make comments about each and every gift. L did a great job with all of that and she and her fiance got some really nice things. It was a very nice event!

When I got home my guys were here waiting for me with big hugs! It was so nice to come home and see them after 2 whole days :) Z was glued to my side and he seemed bigger! We had a very nice family evening and Z went to bed super early (he had not really slept that well the night before). After he went to sleep we put on our jammies, poured some leftover margaritas (not part of our diet) and sat down to watch a movie. It was the perfect ending to a wonderful weekend!


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