Sunday, February 17, 2008

Church with a Toddler...take II

Well we are going to give it another go! Z and S are dressed and ready to go (of course I am not) and the toys, books and food are packed for another Sunday worship. S is still going to sing in the choir this week but I have backup this time.....Grandma and Grandpa are coming to church! I really hope that this helps the situation and that Z is distracted by them and thus leaves S alone. Maybe 3 adults are better than 1 :) They won't be able to come every week but if today works out, we have discussed S singing in the choir every other week. That way we can go to church 2 times per month as a family (which is why we joined in the first place). It seems like the perfect compromise, we shall see. Well check back later and I will tell you all how it went. Pray for us or wish us luck! Which ever seems more natural for you :)


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