Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Very Special Guest

Well we had a very special guest stay over the other night and we were all sad to see her go! One of my all time favorite students G came to spend the night and help out with Z. I met her and her mother half way at a coffee shop and it was so nice to sit, relax and catch up with them. I use to work at a very special school where we truly got to know our students and their families. This particular family is very special to me and G's mother even sang at my wedding :) The kids from this family have all stayed over our house before and it is always so much fun to have them around :)

Z was a bit shy when G first came in but before we knew it they had bonded over a game of basketball. It was then true love and he played with her all night long! They played ball, she drove him around on his car, they danced together and had lots of fun with bubbles. She helped feed him his dinner, got him in his jammies and Z showered her with hugs and kisses ;) At bedtime G read Z his books, she then gave him a big hug goodnight. When G went to leave the room Z let out long wail. He started to sob because he did not want to leave all the fun he was having with her. It took S quite a long time to get him relaxed and sleepy.

Then it was my turn to have G all to myself :) We ate dessert, chatted, played video games and watched a really silly show on TV. It was so nice to have her over. The next morning Z was beside himself when he saw G again and spent the morning playing with her. When we had to drop her off he was very upset. He cried when she got out of the car (I think he has a little crush on her) and G looked so sad to leave her new little friend. It was such a nice visit and we will have to have her back again really soon :) Thanks G for all of your help, you were the perfect mothers helper!!!!


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