Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Rainy Day, Tomato Soup and a Big Comfy Hand-Me-Down Sweatshirt

Rainy days are good for one thing....sleeping! At 7:30 this morning when Z woke up, I looked out the window and pulled the covers up over my head. It was one of those days when you want to curl up and go back to sleep. Well that isn't an option when you have a toddler so our day began 5 minutes later with the smell of coffee and rice milk :)

Normally on a rainy day, Z and I like to hibernate indoors. We play games, read books, have a dance party and just enjoy spending the day in our jammies! Today we had Kindermusik class so we needed to get dressed and go out into the elements. After a fun 45 minutes of singing and dancing my friend K said she was going to go home, put on her comfy clothes, eat comfort food and not leave the house for the rest of the day! That sounded perfect to me :)

So Z and I drove home and I went in search of comfy clothes for both of us. I pulled out one of S's big sweatshirts and shorts (I do have to workout in a minute so I couldn't get too comfy) and I found some sweats and a very large hand-me-down sweatshirt for Z. Z seemed relieved to be rid of his sweater and jeans and loved this very large 4 T sweatshirt :) I gave him a squeeze and went in to make the grilled cheese and tomato soup (weight watchers style) that I had been craving since K said "comfort food". We had a very nice and relaxing lunch together (Z had his usual chicken fingers).

I am very fortunate in that I not only have a wonderful mother who keeps my child very well dressed but I also have two very nice Hand-Me-Down Angels! I love getting the hand-me-down bags and going through all of the great stuff! My hand-me-down sources have great taste and take very good care of their things. We even got two tuxes in the last bag we got!!! Z has the most extensive wardrobe thanks to them and my mom :) I have not bought him anything in a very long time and I am so grateful for this.

So if you don't have someone who currently gives you hand-me-downs....I strongly suggest you find your own angel. Look for someone with a well dressed child a little older than yours (who doesn't plan on having anymore children) and befriend them :) Or ask never know where you will find a Hand-Me-Down Angel. One of my angels is my mom's friend and the other is a friend's sister. Thanks you guys! You keep Z warm and well dressed all year long :)


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