Monday, February 18, 2008

A Fun Day with Daddy!

Well we just had the best morning :) S is off from work today so he let me have some ME time and workout while he got Z and himself ready for the day. It was so nice to start my day with my workout and not have to worry if I was going to wake Z up with my step aerobics ;) I also got to take a nice long shower!!! It was the best.

We then went out for our Z day :) We started off for breakfast at a nearby diner. We are in a low-carb contest this week so while Z filled up on pancakes.....S and I enjoyed a veggie omlette with turkey sausage. We both said no to homefries and toast (big move for us) and got sliced tomato instead :) Z loved this diner and was bouncing up and down to the fun 50's music.

After a wonderful breakfast we took Z to the local indoor playground to play. S had never been to one of these and was a little overwhelmed. Z had a ball and it was nice to share this experience as a family. After our playtime was over we went to the grocery store for some family shopping (hunting for low carb foods).

It was such a nice morning and I was sad to see it come to a close. I hope that we will make a habit of having these special times with Z :) Thanks S and Z for a great family day!!!!


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