Monday, May 5, 2008

Family Fun

We just had a wonderful weekend with my entire family. My mom, dad, two sisters, brother in-law, brother in-law to be, niece, S and Z all went away for 3 days together. We had so much fun! I love being all together and with our busy lives, it doesn't happen as much as it use to.

I am very blessed to have such a close family who loves being together. My sisters and I get along very well and my parents are more like friends (as of late) to us. We have 3 wonderful guys that have been added to our family over the last 10 years and they fit in so nicely and all get along so well. On S's side we are also very close. I love my sister in-laws and they have two wonderful guys as well. My in-laws are also great and so fun to be with. S and I are very blessed to have two such great families to spend time with.

This weekend we went to a conference put on by my dad and he did a great job. The drive was the longest that Z has ever been on and I am so glad we bought a DVD player for the trip. I always said that we wouldn't have one for the car but with a baby who doesn't sleep in cars (much) it was a life saver! We traveled at bedtime on the way there and Z slept for a total of 45 minutes! We traveled at nap time on the way home and he did not sleep at all. He only ended up watching 2 hours (total) of TV each way but it was nice to have the DVD player when he got squirmy and tired of sitting in his car seat.

Despite the weather forecasts, we ended up having beautiful weather, a lot of laughs and some great adventures. Our guys even won a golf tourney :) Here are some pictures of our fun (and yes Z is in his tux again :)). Dad we are very proud of you!!!!


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