Sunday, May 11, 2008

It's Done!!!

Well it took about 3 weeks (because of our trip to Lake Placid) but Z's swing set is now complete! I think it was more fun for Z (and us) to have different parts of the set revealed every week. First he had his swing, the next week his slide and now he has his "twee how" (tree house). S and I felt a sense of accomplishment as we put on the roof of the set on Saturday. It was nice to work together to finish something for our Z. We worked as a great team :)

I highly recommend Swing N Slide sets if you are on a budget. For a little over $500 we were able to build the whole set (we have the Wrangler model) and they have other models which are even cheaper! We still need to stain and seal it but other than that it is done! It does take a whole weekend worth of time to build but it his so worth it :)

Happy Swinging!!!


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