Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I Am A Prisoner In My Own Home....

This lady is the reason that I am afraid to go outside. They have become a real problem in our backyard this year. The beautiful swing set that we built...I am afraid to go near it. Z and I spend our time outside on the lawn and still end up covered in ticks. We each had one embedded last night (3rd one of the season for him and second for me) and I found 4 others crawling...one in his hair!

Z's tick was in his neck, let me tell you how fun it was to pin him down and try to get that sucker out. He screams each time we have tweezers in hand and it is so horrible for all involved. I have tried to be brave, tried to stay away from the lawn/forest edge but it is no use....we have at least 3 ticks on us each time we go outside. The other day we were out there for 10 minutes and sure enough....3 ticks crawling on us!!! I can't take it anymore!!!!!!!

When I was growing up, this area was only known for dog ticks and that was if you were hiking in the woods. Now we are playing on our grass and coming in with ticks. S is afraid to spray because many of the chemicals they use are banned in other states. He is also afraid for our groundwater (as am I) but I refuse to look at my backyard from inside and I am tired of having that creepy crawly feeling all the time. I hate ticks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A Buns Life said...

Try deep woods off. We back to the woods and last year was a nightmare for us until we started using it.

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