Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Tribute to Mom

Thank you Mom for all of your love and support. Now that I am a mom I truly appreciate all that you did to help raise the three of us. I think we turned out to be pretty good people (if I do say so myself) and we have you and Daddy to thank for that. I now have a new understanding of what life was like day in and day out and thank you so much for putting your career on hold for us! We loved having you around and you did so much for the three of us (Dad too).

Mom, I have always admired and looked up to you. I think you are one of the best teachers in your field and you are the reason why I became a teacher. You put so much into your job and the children in your class and they benefit so much from your guidance. Once again I am following in your footsteps by putting my career on hold to be home with Z. Staying home full time was never something I imagined I would be doing but after spending a year with him, I couldn't go back. I now understand why you stayed home as long as you did!

Over the past few years you have had a new role to fill, the role of grandmother. You have taken on this role with such love and pride and I think it is your favorite role yet. Your two grandchildren light up when you walk in the room and I am so happy that we all live close by so that you get to see Z and G as often as you do. Thanks for all you do to help us with them. We all love you so very much!

When thinking about this Mother's Day, I wanted to get you something special. I decided a trip down memory lane would be the most fun. So here are a few special memories I have of being with you mom. I love you and Happy Mother's Day.

-singing "I am going to wash that soap right out of your hair" to the tune of wash that man from south pacific
-splashing with us in the pool
-coming up with a hundred ideas of things to do when we would come to you and tell you we were bored
-watching and applauding for our many shows and dance routines
-spending time with us all crammed into the trailer at the lake and going to get us donuts in the morning
-marching up to bed with us like little soldiers (I do that with Z now)
-cooking great dinners for us (especially those runny fish sticks :))
-our trip to the condo during Hurricane Bob
-"Boston Market"
-strawberry and apple picking trips
-Your Woodsy the Owl Campaign in school
-pincer crab
-sharing our birthday together
-all of the beautiful doll clothes you made for us
-sending me off around the world with a new Big Bird stuffed animal
-introducing us (by forbidding us) to General Hospital
-our trips to Maine to see J, J and K
-making holidays so special, the traditions you put in place with both Christmas and Easter I have continued with Z
-playing cards and yahtzee at the lake
-helping Daddy "give me away" on my wedding day
-your hugs!!!


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