Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A New Faith in Humanity

Yesterday was a crazy day for me. I was out playing with Z and wanted to water the lawn, so I placed my cell phone on top of my car and grabbed the hose. Z and I went to work watering the lawn, got a bit muddy and then went inside. After nap time we went to the store to buy a new sprinkler. As we were getting back in the car I looked for my cell phone to call S. I looked through my bag when a wave of nausea came over me.....I quickly jumped out of the car and looked on the roof of my car.....no cell phone! I raced home, looking at the side of the road as I drove. I couldn't believe my phone was gone. This was my new phone! S had gotten it for me when he got his. When he first brought it home I thought he was crazy.....after all what does a SAHM need with a phone like this? But I quickly fell in love with the phone and all of its cool features (especially the video camera when my camera broke).

So now the phone was gone! All of my info, videos, pictures...gone! S was going to be so upset!!! As I drove home, looking on the side of the road, my vision started to blur. I knew this feeling oh so well...I was getting a stress migraine. I tried to both drive and look for the phone but as my vision got more and more wavy, it was more important to focus on driving home. I flew out of the car and ran upstairs to see if my phone was plugged into the charger but knew that it wasn't. I called S in tears and he was surprisingly calm about it. He told me that he would come straight home and reminded me that the phone was insured.

S retraced my path with his car but could not find the phone. After dinner he decided to walk part of the path and told me he would call me when he wanted me to come and get him. Z and I drove to get him and then drove the path once again. S kept calling the phone, hoping to hear it ring. We ended our journey by returning to the store where I had bought the sprinkler but they did not have it. S stood in the parking lot and decided to give it one more call. This time someone answered!!!!

As it turns out, my phone had fallen off about 6 miles away from home! A man who worked at the gas station across the street from the store found it as he was walking to work. He had left a message at my house but I had been outside looking for it around the house. S offered the man a reward for finding the phone but he refused it and said that he was just happy that it was being returned to the proper owner.

I cannot tell you how happy I am to have my phone back. It is unbelievable that my phone was able to travel 6 miles of windy back roads before falling off!!! I also can't believe how wonderfully honest the man who found it was. He could have kept or sold the phone and the fact that he didn't even take our reward.....what a great guy! For those of you with a similar phone to me, I highly recommend the rubber protective cover....it helped my phone hold on for quite a crazy ride.

Thank you sir for returning my phone. Thanks S for going to great lengths to try to find it. This event has given me a little more faith in the people of this crazy, mixed up world.


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