Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Local Organic Produce

When S and I lived in the city, we belonged to a food co-op and it was the best! Once a week during the summer we would go and pick up our share of fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs. This made for some interesting and new dishes for us and we were challenged with using every bit of food before the week was out.

Thanks to my friend H's suggestion of this website we will be having fresh, local produce once again! We just joined our local CSA and I can't wait for summer! We will get fresh veggies, fruit (when in season) and herbs all summer long. We can even go to the local farm and pick our own if we want to :)

It is so exciting to drive to the pick up location, wondering what you will get that week. Will it be swiss chard, beets, carrots or something I have never even heard of??? I then go home and search the internet for fun recipes and info on how to cook the different greens. It will be so nice to know where my summer produce is coming from and know that it is fresh and organic!

I highly suggest you check out your local food co-op or CSA. Your body and taste buds will thank you for it!


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