Friday, May 30, 2008

Interesting Visitors

I was reading this blog the other day (a new favorite) and she had an interesting post about the keywords that point to her site. You know what I mean right? She identified some funny keywords typed on Google, that brought people to her blog. Well S and I love to look at these results as well and so I thought it would be fun to highlight a few of the odd search terms that have brought people to my site. Here are the top 5 favorites :)

1. "Flicking the Head of a Dandelion"
This post brought a lot of traffic to my site. There were a few people out there, just like
me, searching for that classic chant, "Momma had a baby and the head popped off". Well those folks found some good info on my site. I am not so sure what the person who typed "flicking the head of a dandelion" was looking for when they found my site though :) Perhaps they wanted to know the proper technique? Maybe I will put some video
footage on my site of my stellar flicking abilities :)

2. "Chicken Bathing Supplies" (also "chicken cleaning business", "raising chicken supplies")
Sorry folks, I am in the business of raising a toddler, not chickens! I did once write about cleaning a chicken for dinner but that is as far as it goes. My mother in-law would like me to raise chickens to eat the ticks in our backyard but S and I have decided that our littler suburban town is not ready for chickens :)

3. "Alligator baby mom head picture"
What????? I have no idea how this search term ended up on my site! What do they want? This is just weird!

4. "My baby belly button raise when he cry"
Here is another interesting search. Again, I am not sure why they ended up on Raising Z. I
have never actually watched Z's belly button when he cries. Curiosity has gotten the best
of me though, so I will make sure to watch him the next time he cries.

5. "Should buckwheat pancakes be eaten in hot weather"
Am I missing something? I have served buckwheat pancakes in both hot and cold weather.
Does something happen to the buckwheat on a 90 degree day??? I am going to have to
look into this one.

Those are my funky search terms for this past month. If you blog, I highly recommend hooking up with Google Analytics if you have not yet done so. It is really fun to see where people are coming from and what they are searching for.


Michelle said...

HI, I am just catching up on my reading and this is very interesting. I went to Google Analytics but I am confused as to where to put the code. If you have a minute would you mind e-mailing me to walk me through it?

Thanks. You are the best. I love you blog!

Miss you!

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