Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Weekend

Well Z and I spent an extra day at the lake because it was too hard to say "good-bye" to the weekend. We played games (Memory was the big favorite for the adults), had a BBQ, went for Z's first row boat ride, went to the Country Store for my pickle, hit the outlets, played trucks, built sandcastles, Z played t-ball and basketball, the boys went golfing and Z even went for a swim!

It was warm enough on Monday so I put Z in his bathing suit (I had on shorts) and he had a ball splashing in the water. He was in up to his chest (brrrrr) and loving every minute of it. The water did take some getting use to but once you did, it wasn't that bad (I only went up to my knees though).

The lake is such a special place for our family and Z loves it as much as we do. He had so much fun playing with the other kids, hiking up and down to the beach (the small hill is a mountain to him) and playing trucks in the sand. He slept so well up there! He put in two-three hour naps and slept until 7:30 or 8:00 every morning ;) It was wonderful.

I put in my longest run yet (7.2 miles) and did not stick to my diet at all :( Oh well :) We also saw a bunch of wildlife this weekend. There was a red tailed hawk, loons, tons of butterflies, ducks, lots of mayflies and even a fox!

Thanks N and C for a great weekend. G...welcome to the Lake! We hope you liked your first trip :)


GoMommy said...

Looks like so much fun! If you're running 7 miles...screw the diet! I say you've earned the right to eat whatever you want!

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